Buni outside Manhattan with the Empire State Building behind him.

I’m launching a project to see how many places Buni can visit. All you need to do is click here or here or here for images of Buni, print one out, and take a photo of Buni wherever you live.

See below for examples. You can take photos of him next to buildings, landmarks, street scenes, your house, your cat, piñatas, your grandmother, yourself, something sad, something happy …whatever you want. I will post as many photos as I can here on my site.

Send your photos to: bunicomic (a) gmail (dot) com

Include a sentence or two about what city or country the photo was taken in, what is in the photo and whether or not you’d like me to include your name in the caption. Feel free to draw your own Buni too.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me photos of Buni where they live. So far Buni has visited every continent except Antarctica. So if you live there or are visiting, or know of someone who lives there, Buni would love to visit and have his photo taken there.

Thank you,




Buni visits the most famous and sacred buddha temple in Bangkok, Wat Phra Keow (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) in 100 degree (40 C) weather. Sent by Abraham.

Buni in front of the Arch of Galerius in Thessaloniki, Greece. Sent by Apostolos.

Buni in Chukotka, Russia, throwing caution to the wind and walking on a wet floor, possibly full of snakes. Sent by Anastasia.

Here’s a photo of Buni taken out the window in the Russia Far East near a gold mine in Chukotka. Sent by Anastasia.

Buni after skydiving over Lake Elsinore, California. Picture by Jerry.

Buni waits for the train station in downtown Mendoza, Argentina. Sent by Christián.

Buni visits Kiev (Kyiv), the capital of Ukraine, where there’s a flower bed in the shape of a clock. Sent by Nastya.

Buni went Geo cashing at 62 25.131 N, 114 26.093 W with help from a snowmobile in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada. Sent by Abram.

Buni is going onto the Supreme Scream ride at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Sent by Jerry Sanchez.

Buni votes in the U.S. general election for the Unicorn Party of course, straight ticket. Sent by Stephen.

Buni visits Mexico.

Buni visits a class in Mexico.

Buni watched the Olympic Torch relay as it passed through Letchworth Garden City in the UK on its way to the Olympics in London. Sent by Sharron and Robbie.

Two kids hold up Buni at Petřín hill for lovers in Prague. For the record, that’s non-alcoholic beer. Sent by Michal.

Buni rocks out at Gak music shop in Brighton, UK, with a Pink Floyd guitar pick. Sent by fairy godqueer.

Buni watched the EURO 2012 quarter-final soccer match of Germany vs. Greece in Gdansk, Poland. Germany beat Greece 4-2. Sent by Asia.

Buni on a sketch pad with other characters. Sent by Linus.

Buni stopped by the Ciudad Universitaria de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Sent by Claudia.

Buni hangs with the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China. Sent by Lila.

Buni checks out the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Sent by Chuck.

Buni is engulfed in bees in Lhota, Czech Republic. Sent by Martin.

Buni goes to a dance show in the Czech Republic to make his miserable life happy for a few hours. Sent by Hana and Aiwa dance group.

Buni attends a dance show in the Czech Republic. Sent by Hana and Aiwa dance group.

Buni goes to the library at the University of Gdansk, Poland. Sent by Asia and Jack.

Buni enjoys snowboarding at Pamporovo, Bulgaria. Sent by Ani.

Buni treks up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Sent by Greg and Lynne.

Buni makes it up to the “roof of Africa” at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Sent by Greg and Lynne.

An elephant appears ready to charge Buni in Tanzania. Sent by Greg and Lynne.

Chef Buz, the BBQ Rib Challenge winner against Chef Bobby Flay in a ‘Throwdown’ on the Food Network, gives a personal BBQ lesson to Buni at Hogtoberfest in Richmond, Virginia. Sent by Garry, Lori & Lili.

Monastic students in Mandalay, Myanmar, hold up Buni.

Buni adjusts to the altitude at Everest Base Camp in Tibet. Sent by Sean.

Buni is in front of Notre-Dame de Paris in France. Sent by Cell.

Buni and friends check out the Lighting of the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri on Thanksgiving night.

Buni is at the top of the 101 building in Tapei, Taiwan. Sent by Bub.

Buni visits the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany. Sent by Razvan.

Buni visits the Berlin Wall in Germany. Sent by Razvan.

Buni attends a Zombie Walk in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Sent in by Mike and Amy.

Buni crosses Lake Shasta in California. Sent in by Inderpreet.

Look closely. Buni drives through a giant Redwood tree in California. Sent by Inderpreet.

Buni goes spelunking in a cave somewhere in California, I think. Sent by Inderpreet.

Buni visits the National Tiger Sanctuary in Branson, Missouri. Sent in by Steve Wieczor.

Buni visits the leaning tower of Pisa, Italy. Sent by Matteo G.

Buni at an Occupy Portland rally (part of the broader Occupy Wall Street demonstrations around the country) on Oct. 6 near the downtown waterfront.

Buni visits the remote Easter Island. Sent in by Benjamin.

Buni scampers along the sand at Varadero Beach in Cuba. Sent in by Favio.

Buni visits Novgorod, Russia. Photos taken by Kat.

Buni visits Novgorod, Russia. Photos taken by Kat.

Buni visits Hong Kong with the Tsing Ma Bridge behind him. Sent in by Windy Hill.

Buni went to Xochimilco in Mexico City where he enjoyed riding through the waterways in a trajinera boat. Sent in by Frineé Cano.

Buni visits Tanguá Park in Curitiba, Brazil. Sent in by Felipe.

Buni visits the Pantheon in Paris, France, where an inscription reads, “Aux grands hommes, la patrie reconnaissante” (often translated as, “To the great men, the grateful homeland.”).

Buni follows the masses to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

Buni made it to the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, and went to the Augustiner beer tent, the oldest Munich brewery. Sent in by Julian.

Buni catches the subway in Oslo, Norway. Sent in by Alexandra and Frode.

Buni watches the sunset in Prague, Czech Republic, with a cheap bottle of wine. In the background is the Prague Castle. Sent in by Peky.

Buni, wearing a dapper tie and sporting an umbrella, visits St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, UK. Sent in by Robbie and Sharron.

Buni visits Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Behind him there is the Kura River and the tower of “Phunikuliori”. Sent in by Giorgi.

Buni was spotted next to an alien in an underwater art gallery at Thetford Mines in Quebec, Canada. Sent in by Maryse and François.

Buni dives with sea lions at Los Islotes near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Buni was so excited he forgot his scuba gear. Sent in by Dan Prall.

Buni visits Michmoret beach in Israel where Dana and Liran were celebrating their first anniversary together. Sent in by Dana and Liran.

Buni was spotted at the MRT train station in Singapore. Not sure why he’s running away from the train. Sent in by Liwei.

Buni tries on the Estonian national dress in Tallinn, Estonia. Sent in by Liis.

Buni is wandering through the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia. Sent in by Liis.

Buni visited Mount Rushmore outside of Keystone, South Dakota, USA. Sent in by Marius Ellingsen.

Buni travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and was spotted near the welcome sign. Sent in by Cara.

Buni visits a parakeet in a cage in the Philippines. Hopefully he doesn’t end up at the bottom of the cage. Sent in by Junel.

Buni outside the New York Stock Exchange where he lost it all. Sent in by Gina Ciorciari.

Buni was looking a little weird and faded when he was visiting Oulu, Finland. Maybe it was jet lag.

Buni visits Düsseldorf, Germany, and walks across a bridge in the Düsseldorf harbor overlooking the Rhine. Sent in by Seth.

Buni visited the Metropolis building in Madrid, Spain, while there was some kind of teachers’ strike. Sent in by Alvaro.

Buni watches the evening lights of Kiev, Ukraine. Sent in by Anna.

Buni visits the Monument of Independence at Reforma Avenue in Mexico City where people celebrate political victories, New Year’s Eve and protests. Sent in by Manuel Torres.

Buni visits Temperance Fountain in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. Sent in by Manuel Torres.

Buni visits Flinders St. Station in Melbourne, Australia. Sent in by Ayoub.

Buni has traveled to the city of beer, Pilsen. So far he gets only to our flat. He is really happy to be here – as seen from the picture. In the next few days, we’ll take him to much cooler places. And maybe he’ll taste our famous Pilsner beer too 🙂 Sent in by Michal.

Buni visits Les Essarts in Normandy, France. Sent in by Yves.

Buni visits a beer garden in Munich. Sent in by Julian.

Buni is walking around in Moscow, Russia, at Krylatsky Hills Olympic Cycle Route. Sent in by Gecko.

Buni was spotted frolicking with some sheep in Lincolnshire, England. They looked oddly perturbed by his presence. Sent by James.

Buni visits the Petőfi bridge on the Buda side of Budapest, Hungary.

Buni visits Seregélyes, a small village in Hungary.

Buni visits Monterrey, Mexico. In the background you can see the Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain). Sent in by Romeo.

Buni visited City Hall in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Sent in by Mischa.

Buni visits the cube buildings in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Sent in by Mischa.

Buni climbs to the top of Arthur’s Seat (an ancient volcanic hill) in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sent in by Nadim.

Buni gets existential and visits the “you are here” map marker at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Sent in by Jim.

Buni visits Kafe Plaża (“Beach Cafe”) in Wrocław, Poland, just before lightning srikes him. Sent in by Ewa.

Buni at a bridge along the Rock River in downtown Rockford, Illinois.

Buni enters the virtual world by appearing in Second Life with three strange men in top hats in a photo that I’m told was taken at “Azure and Onyx on the Land called My Immortal.” Sent in by GESwho.

Buni next to some sad, discarded lottery tickets.

Buni next to a bug on its deathbed.

Buni in Montana.

Buni being devoured by a small human.

Buni in New Jersey looking at Manhattan.

Buni visits a home in Tampere, Finland, sent in by Nen.

Brad is currently traveling around the world, but superimposed Buni onto a photo of the Leeds festival in the UK.

Buni in Brabrand, Denmark, with his friends from Cyanide & Happiness, who introduced Buni to Kim. Sent in by Kim.

Buni hangs out in front of the Church of Presentation of Jesus at the Temple in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Sent in by Igor.

Buni watched the US Open in Flushing, New York, on Saturday. Sent in by Brandon Hill.

Shortly afterward, the moment of watching a cute girl practice was ruined by Hurricane Irene in true Buni fashion. Sent in by Brandon Hill.

Buni will go along with Dan on a motorcycle ride to Tennessee, USA, and to ride The Dragon which has a lot of curves in only a few short miles. Sent in by Dan.

Buni is accidentally just about to ruin someone’s game in Lahti, Finland, at the Mölkky World Championship. Mölkky is a peculiar Finnish outdoor game, in which wooden pegs are tipped down by throwing a wooden peg. Sent in by Heikki.

Buni visits the Cafe Hohenbrunn in Hohenbrunn, Germany, with a church tower in the background. Sent in by Julian.

Buni looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn in New York City. Sent in by Gina Ciorciari.

Buni at the site of the former World Trade Center in New York City. Sent in by Gina Ciorciari.

Buni on Wall Street (sign in background) in New York City held up by a day trader. Sent in by Gina Ciorciari.

Buni next to a no fishing sign by the East River in New York City. Sent in by Gina Ciorciari.

Buni visits the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Buni visited a lecture at Monash University campus in Clayton, Melbourne, Australia. Sent in by Peich.

Buni at a party in Bucharest, Romania. Buni appears to be drinking some kind of pink liquid. I’m told the shot glass is Jägermeister. Sent in by Diana.

Buni ate at a Porto’s Bakery in Glendale, California, USA. I’m told he had the potato balls. Sent in by Bruno.

Buni visits the California State University campus in Fullerton. Sent in by Agustin.

Buni wanders onto an archery target practice field at California State University, Fullerton. Sent in by Agustin.

Buni poses with some rock climbing helmets used by Hungarian friends after a climb in East Alpen.

Buni superimposed onto a photo of the Gateway Arch and Old Cathedral in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Sent in by Larry and Leah Moore.

Buni stops by the Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Sent in by FalconMoon.

Buni heads into the wild and camps outside Moscow, Russia. Sent in by Gecko.

British comedian Sanderson Jones holds up Buni sporting a dapper tie and umbrella in London, UK. This may be the closest thing to a celebrity that Buni has encountered, as well as the closest Buni has ever been to a golden pinky ring. Sent in by Robbie and Sharron.

After two weeks of moving around Buni is used as a pizza plate in La Paz, Bolivia. Sent in by Eduardo.

Buni visits the Autodromo Nazionale Monza for the Formula 1 Grand Prix near Milan, Italy. Sent in by Max.

Buni rushes to a toilet in London, UK. Sent in by Robbie and Sharron.

Buni visits the butcher in London, UK. Sent in by Robbie and Sharron.

I’m not sure what’s going on in this photo but Buni appears next to a sad man from a coloring book page. Sent in by Miri in Wenatchee, Washington.

Sad Buni in a cemetery in the Czech Republic. Sent in by Anna and Roman.

Buni is cloned out of a real live dot matrix printer in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine.

Buni visits Ravenholm, a town in the video game series Half-Life which is massacred and zombified by headcrabs. Sent in by Chris.

Buni visits the Lares building at Penn State University, USA. Sent in by Nick.

Buni visits Frýdek-Místek in the Czech Republic. There are mountains in the background, but the clouds are covering them.

Buni visits Dunedin, New Zealand. Sent in by Chris.

Buni visits the University of Guanajuato in Salamanca, México. Sent by Laureano.

Buni poses next to a real live bunny in Singapore. I know it’s hard to tell which one is which. My realistic drawing skills are so good. Sent by Terry.

Buni was working at the British Consulate General in Istanbul and the building is very beautiful, but it’s so boring to be a civil servant that he decided to jump onto the marble floors of the Victorian style courtyard. Sent by Ozge.

Buni gets pixelated in Minecraft. Sent in by dreamingraom.

Here is a picture of Buni with the RED team in the Team Fortress 2 video game. Sent by Yukimare.


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