For every comic I publish on this site, there are a handful which don’t make the cut because they are not funny, too weird or don’t make any sense to anyone else other than myself. I have provided a few of my rejected rough sketches on this page for your enjoyment or bafflement. Follow me down the unfiltered rabbit hole of my brain…


Thanksgiving Reject 1: I just like the idea of a mafia boss casually smoking a cigar while his goons shove a turkey into the oven. In the extended comic the turkey owes the mafia money, and once the turkey feels the heat of the oven he admits he has the money and tells the mafia goons where he hid the money. But I like the first panel alone.



Thanksgiving Reject 2: This comic has probably already been done. It’s just a bunch of turkeys sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal of baked pilgrim. I’m not sure if you can see it, but a turkey is handing Buni a slab of pilgrim rump.



Thanksgiving Sketch 3: This is just classic BuniDad using way more firepower than needed to obtain some meat.



Thanksgiving Reject 4: Every year I’ve tried to do a comic where BuniDog or Buni sets a bunch of turkeys free to escape to Canada or Mexico during the American Thanksgiving holiday. But I still haven’t got it right yet. I like this version where one of the freed turkeys sends Buni a postcard taken of himself on a beach. The postcard says “Wish you were here.”



Thanksgiving Reject 5: I’m not sure if you can tell what’s going on in this sketch. Basically a stuffed BuniDad is surrounded by several turkey carcases. Fattened and immobile, he gestures to Buni to come closer. Then he whispers in Buni’s ear to get more turkey. Buni says there is no more turkey. BuniDad then points out the window at a regular bird outside in a tree.